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"Why thrift? You can develop your own unique style (no fear of having someone else having the same outfit as you) on a tight budget (more money for other fun things in life) and you can get it all in one store (no long, tiring walks in a mall). I've been a loyal customer for over a decade but now that I've moved out of the area, I can only come by once a year. Every time I visit this area, I always make it a point to set aside at least one hour to come in here to pick up some items. It never fails, I find the cutest tops, bottoms and dresses. Cheaper than Goodwill, better quality and cuter styles than Salvation Army.

Few tips:
*Come with a friend(s) who has a different style than you so you can help each other find items.
*Set aside enough time to scour the racks. You can't find hidden treasures (designer items, brand new items) if you're in a rush."

-Colanie B.
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Man carrying shopping bags and giving thumbs up - thrift shop in Carson CA
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